EEC can provide you with a customized building to meet your every desire. From a simple man–cave, workshop, airplane hangar or corporate warehouse, EEC is your one–stop shop for architecture, engineering, surveying and construction to meet all your needs. Our design/build advantage will give you the quality product with the best workmanship and customer service – all under one roof. The versatility of our steel buildings make them popular in many different industries and settings. At EEC we design the foundation for you–a little something you don‘t get anywhere else in the steel sales marketplace.


We also make sure your building is Code compliant for your intended use–another thing you don‘t get elsewhere when ordering steel buildings. Ordering a building from EEC will result in more than a quote for the cheapest standard box of a building; we actually will give you good advice to ensure you are getting the building you really want and will be eternally happy with. If you hire EEC to erect your facility you will be pleasantly surprised at our speed, efficiency, and safety! Call EEC today!