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our design build approach

From Concept to Completion

Our design/build approach is what sets EEC apart. EEC stays with you every step of the way: from the design of your building to the final structure. Our design staff works closely with our surveyors, engineers and construction team providing efficient project communication. Efficient communication between design staff and our construction experts throughout every phase of construction will leave you with confidence that your project will be the high quality, efficiently built, and attractive product we promise.

The design build advantage

Design Build vs. Traditional Build

By working with a design-build team, clients can take advantage of a streamlined and collaborative process that integrates the design and construction phases seamlessly. This approach fosters effective communication, enhanced coordination, and more efficient project delivery, resulting in significant cost savings and shorter project timelines.

Design Build

Design-build firms offer owners a single point of responsibility, reducing the risk of miscommunication and ensuring greater accountability for project outcomes.

Traditional Build

In traditional builds, owners are responsible for coordinating contracts, communication, and possible conflicts between the contractor and designer, leading to increased costs & time.  

Design, Engineering, Surveying, and Construction

All under one roof. All working together.



Collaborative project management means work is completed faster with fewer problems.



“One-Stop” shopping for all stages. With over 30 licensed engineers, surveyors, architects, and construction professionals under one roof, EEC’s experienced team works together to provide you your engineering, surveying, architectural and construction needs. This one-source capability enables EEC to be more efficient in all aspects of your project.


Singular Responsibility

You can hold EEC accountable for cost, schedule, and performance.


increased Cost Savings

EEC’s integrated team is geared toward efficiency and innovation.


Better Quality

EEC meets performance needs, not minimum design requirements.


Streamlined Communication

Serving both private and government clients as a one-stop shop for engineering, surveying, and construction needs our engineers and surveyors work closely with our architects and construction crews. Creating excellent teamwork and allowing a free-flowing line of communication that aids in the efficient creation of accurate and buildable plans using the latest design software.


Decreased Administrative Burden

You can focus on the project, rather than managing disparate contracts.


Reduction in Change Orders

Fine-tune or revise building plans as the project is being constructed.

Our Values

Key Project Principles

 We strive to exhibit all of these six key principles to ensure quality standards are understood and executed with excellence.


Project Focus & Alignment

Team Integration & Support

Process Approach

Continual Improvement

Frequent Communications

project management

Ensuring Quality from Start to Finish

In order to obtain the highest quality standards throughout the pre-construction/construction process, a systematic project management process is used that incorporates quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control from planning through execution.

Phase 1

Conception & Initiation

The planning phase is critical for designing the highest quality project. This phase includes defining the Project Purpose, Scope of Work, Regulatory Requirements, Measures of Success, Defining a Quality Management team, Preliminary Conceptual
Design & Engineering Review, and a Preliminary Budget & Schedule.

Phase 2

Definition & Planning

Throughout the Design Development process, we coordinate all information gathered during the initial discussion and review of the conceptual design, along with any suggested modifications when developing the Construction Documents, Final Construction Schedule, Final Construction Budget, and concluding with Permitting Process. Our process will ensure that all your requirements are met while maintaining the budget and schedule restraints.

Phase 3

Project Execution & Construction

The construction phase of an EEC Design Build project involves the project manager implementing the Construction Documents. EEC’s project manager and construction supervisor will have a steady flow of communication throughout the project to ensure the
accurate implementation of the Construction Documents. The project manager will utilize regular site visits and reports provided by the project superintendent to coordinate trades, track progress and address questions. This will allow the project manager to provide accurate progress reports to the building ownership team and ensure the project is on-time and on budget

Phase 4

Project Performance & Control

We have firmly established our team as the best by performing look-backs and reviews of completed projects to understand function and use. The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle is the model used for continuous improvement throughout our project planning process. Our design and construction teams are responsible for identifying non-conforming work, and the Ownership team may also identify potential non-conforming work to the Project Manager for action. Any completed work not meeting the plans, specifications, and contract requirements is to be deemed non-conforming and will be addressed. The team at EEC is committed to constructing and creating only the best quality projects.

Phase 5

Close Out

To prove that the project is complete, the EEC team will demonstrate that all procedures/requirements have been met, all documentation is in place, and that any problems and issues associated with the project have been resolved. A detailed Project Completion checklist will be signed off by the Project Manager and Facility Owner, once all issues/concerns are addressed and a Certificate of Occupancy Approval from the Authority having Jurisdiction has been obtained. Finally, we will provide an Operation & Maintenance Manual including As-Built drawings (hard copy/electronic of both), and the one-year Warranty period would start at substantial completion.

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