Tendernest Phase 1

Assisted Living

TenderNest is an Assisted Living community located in Billings, MT. The multiphase project began in 2010 and was completed in 2015. EEC was involved in this development from initial phase and site planning, through the design and permitting of multiple buildings, and finished construction.

Phase one of this development was a two story office building. The brick clock tower and metal accents set the tone for the residence buildings to follow and provided an iconic structure making TenderNest easy to find and even more attractive to potential residents. TenderNest is one of many success stories of the design build approach that EEC has to offer.

Dear Quentin, This letter is to thank you and your staff for being such an important ally to TenderNest. I have worked with several very good builders in the past but I feel like EEC goes above and beyond. Besides the quality and attention to detail that I have received from EEC the thing that perhaps I appreciate the most is the excellent communication and the quick response when there is an issue or a question.

Randall D. Swenson